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How to Stop Spam Emails

Spam emails can become so intrusive and annoying that you may consider changing your email address altogether. However, changing an email address can be a big problem depending on your line of work and it’s not always possible for you to do so. If you don’t do something to take care of the spam emails flooding your inbox every day, you will start to avoid checking your email altogether and this isn’t always an option and it’s also not right. There are some things you can do which will help you to stop those spam emails and this can be done for free in most instances.
One of the ways you can go about stopping spam emails is to make a second email address for yourself. You should use the second email any time you are signing up from an online site you don’t know much about. Also, if you are signing up for any type of newsletters or offers, you will want to use that second email. This way, any and all correspondences sent from that site, or any of their sponsor sites will go into the inbox of the second site. Also, if spammers are getting a hold of email lists through those sites you will be able to funnel all of that spam to the second email, thus keeping it out of your primary email inbox.
You should limit the amount of sites you do sign up for. You want to be careful about going online and putting any email address in any and every site you stumble upon. Just because you have a second email doesn’t mean you should try to have it flooded with spam emails. If you are a member on a forum you should be careful about putting your email address in your signature or anywhere else where anyone can view it. When you put your email address on a public forum you have no control over who sees it or copies it to add to a list of email addresses to be spammed.
By being more conscious about how you put your email out there on the Internet, you will see that the amount of spam emails you get will decrease. You want to be sure to consider using a good spam filter as well; this alone will help you to get more control over your inbox.

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