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Spam Email Tools - Which to Choose

If you want to put a stop to those spam emails, you need to decide which spam tools are the best ones for you to use. You want to find a spam filter you know you can count on to take care of as much of those spam emails as possible. By choosing wisely you will be able to log into your email each time and not have to worry about how many of those horrible spam emails you’re going to need to delete out of your inbox. There are quite a few popular products that will help you and will have you emailing in a stress free manner, they way you use to. Here are some of the spam tools you want to consider giving a try:
POPFile: POPFile is a free spam filter which is flexible and will filter spam while it automatically categorizes the good email. The one downfall of using POPFile is that it can weigh on a computer’s memory.
Spamihilator: Spamihilator is another free spam filter which will help you get rid of your spam email problem. One of the nice things about using this filter is it is simple to use. It will work with any email client and has a very good detection rate.
Spamato: Spamato is also a free spam filter and it is considered to be quite flexible. This spam filter is simple and easy to use with Outlook as well as Mozilla Thunderbird. One of the things people should know about Spamato is it has a lot of options which can make it somewhat overwhelming and a little confusing to some users.
Spam RIP: Spam RIP is yet one more of the free spam filters available for those who are sick and tired of having their email account flooded with unwanted and annoying spam emails. A good thing about this filter is it lets you take a look at emails before they reach your inbox. However, it is known to crash every once in awhile.
BullGuard Spam Filter: BullGuard Spam Filter is also free and it will help you take care of that spam without much work on your side.
When you decide you are completely fed up with getting those obnoxious spam emails, you will want to solve the problem by finding the right spam filter for you. One thing you want to realize is there are many free spam filters on the market and you should begin by trying them first.

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