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Spam Email Techniques

Spam email has a few different names it has become known as. Spam email is often referred to as junk email or unsolicited bulk mail. Spam email comes in the form of an email, but it involves an email which is nearly identical being sent to large numbers of email recipients. The bad news about email spam is the fact that it has been on the rise since the 1990’s and this means the situation continues to get worse as time goes on. Networks of computers infected with viruses account for a huge amount of the email spam sent out. In fact, they account for about 80 percent of that spam.
Receivers of spam emails will notice that they generally have a link in the body of the email which is meant to take the reader to a specific site. The chances are good that the reader may want to delete the email and go on about their business. Just one of the negative things about spam emails are they put the expense on the recipient and o the Internet Service Providers. The senders of the email spam spend nearly nothing in order to put out all those unwanted spam emails.
When it comes to the techniques used by spammers, they have several ways they can go about getting email addresses to send their spam emails to. Spammers can find the victims email address in the online chat rooms. They can also collect the email addresses from online newsgroups, client or customer lists, websites, or by sending out a virus which has been created to steal the contact information from unknowing victims. Some spammers even use knowledge they have about a person in order to locate their email address. When it comes to obtaining email addresses, there are a number of ways spammers can go about getting them. This makes it hard for a person to know they are fully protected against spammers.
One of the things that make it difficult to prosecute these irritating and intrusive spammers is the fact that the laws regarding spamming vary widely. With something as large as the Internet, it can be hard to decide which jurisdiction will be the one in control of any sanctions. The best thing an online user can do in order to protect themselves from spam is to know who they are giving their email address to. They should have a second “spam” email that they use for things which may result in spam emails.

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