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Spam Emails - Why do I get so many?

If you have been wondering why you have been getting so many spam emails, there are a number of possibilities. The more you understand the methods used in order to obtain email addresses for the spam emails to be sent to, the more you will see why you have been getting so many of them. One of the more popular ways of getting a hold of emails in order to send spam mail is by getting them off of public web sites. Obviously, the more you put your email onto public web sites, the more you increase your chances of receiving unwanted spam emails.
There are many reasons why spam emails are sent out and they can be sent out to appear to be many different things. The spam emails are sent to individuals that never requested the information these spam emails have to offer. The reason spam emails get sent out is in order to trick the email reader to view information they wouldn’t have paid attention to. This is why the spam email titles will do all they can to persuade the email reader to open the email. Sometimes the title states that the sender is a long lost friend, that the reader has come into some unexpected money, or that the email contains information the reader requested themselves.
Spam emails are sent out in an attempt to sway your interest in a service or product that you would generally not have interest in. This kind of deception is a scam, people shouldn’t have to log into their personal email inbox only to be greeted by tricky and false email spam. There is some good news when it comes to stopping spam emails. Research has shown that pulling an email address off of the public web sites will result in a fall in the numbers of received spam emails and the results can be seen fairly quickly.
Some of the other things you can do in order to cut down on the amount of spam emails you get are:
Have two email addresses to use. You want to use one for friends, family, and business. The other email you should use when putting your email address into a site. This will help you know which email inbox will retain all of those unwanted spam emails. You will also want to opt-out when given the chance to opt-out on web sites. You also need to be careful when filling out online registration forms. You can cut down on a lot of spam by clicking “No” when asked if you would like to receive emails from the site.

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