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What is Email Spam?

Email spam is the flooding of many emails with the same message. The message is sent out without the request of the receiver, it is generally a message they would have chosen not to receive. Spam can come in many forms, some of which come in the form of advertisements, pyramid schemes, dubious products, or other forms. One of the things which makes it so easy for spam to be sent to so many individuals is the sender doesn’t incur very much in the way of expenses and can send it out to hundreds, or even thousands or people for a very little amount of money.
Email spam can have a title which is deceiving to the reader. The spam email may pretend to be a person the reader may know, or the title may state that information in enclosed which the receiver themselves requested. So many people open up the spam emails because they are mislead by the title of the email. This is just one way in which the senders of the email spam go about tricking the individuals into opening the email, hoping the reader will then read the message or click on a link.
There are several ways the senders of the email spam can go about collecting the emails they plan on targeting with their spam messages. Lists are many times created by the scanning of the Usenet postings. They are also created by the stealing of email mailing lists and simply searching for email addresses on the web. Sometimes, when an individual provides their email address on a website, that website will be linked to others and give out that email to those other sites. This is why people need to be more selective when it comes to where they enter their email address. Email spam can be very destructive, an inconvenience, and it can also cost the receiver money. 
Email spam can cost individuals money if they access their emails on a measured service. The email spam will be costing them money each and every time they read through the spam while their meter is running. Email spam is also costly for the Internet Service Providers and other online services since the sending of those spam emails costs them money and resources to transmit. Email spam is literally a waste of space which unnecessarily makes its way into victim’s inboxes.

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